Inverter/Chargers, Combi

The new Pro Combi range is designed to be very competitive, no frills, high performance, and value for money products, presented in a simple, easy to install and use style. If you require power assist, parallel connection, three phase output functions or any other enhanced combi features then this range is not for you. If you’re not familiar with these things this Pro Combi is perfect for you.

Propower Q (quasi-sine model) suitable for most installations, where you would use a microwave, fridge, hair dryer, vacuum cleaner, kettle, computer, etc

The vast majority of products will run on quasi-sinewave. Hi Fi could have a buzz on the speakers and older non flat screen TVs may have a line on the screen. It is not possible for us to say what item may have a problem, if any. Procombi S and Propower S ( pure sine wave model ) as Procombi Q, Propower S plus washing machines, bread makers, thyristor controlled equipment are used - then sine wave is required.

Inverter/Chargers, Combi

ProCombi S+1600 watt, 12V 30 amp charging

(Ex £607.50)