DC to DC converters, DC Master, Mac and Magic

A DC-DC converter can provide other voltages than those applied in your basic system.

By using a DC-DC converter, other voltages can be reached. They also ensure that all your equipment has a stable power supply with the right voltage.

Mastervolt DC Master is a DC-DC charger which is designed to provide quick and safe charge to the service battery, providing stabilised voltage to protect the battery and the equipment it powers. This is a non isolated model which has an electrical connection between the input and the output, making it suitable to applications with negative earthing. It is also compact and efficient, with low heat generation.

Traditionally, a service battery is linked to the starter battery via a charge relay. The starter battery will be located near to the alternator and receives most of the charge current. However the service battery is usually further away. The long cables used to connect it up cause a voltage drop, leading to slower charging, which can result in failing appliances and premature failure of the battery.

Modern, fuel efficient engines are equipped with smart alternators, following regulations such as Euro 5 and Euro 6. Instead of a constant output, smart alternators provide a variable voltage; after a brief charging period, voltage is reduced and the charging stops. Furthermore, the energy produced by regenerative braking leads to voltage peaks. Service batteries coupled in the traditional way will receive hardly any charge and may be damaged by these peak voltages.

To solve these issues, Mastervolt offers the DC Master chargers, which monitors the service battery and compensates the voltage loss. There is no fan so operation of the charger is silent and these units also have 2 minutes of extra capacity, perfect for if you need a quick power boost. The DC Master unit is supplied complete with mounting bracket, screws and fasteners.

Mac & Magic Series
Professional use.
Converter and 3-step battery charger.
Parallel switchable.
Adjustable and programmable output voltage.
Voltage stabilisation for a longer lifespan of halogen lights, etc.
Dimmer function for Mac & Magic models.

The Mac/Magic models can regulate the voltage both up and down to ensure an optimal voltage stabilisation, even when the battery voltage fluctuates due to heavy loads. The galvanic isolation between input and output prevents disruptions to, for instance, communication equipment.

DC to DC converters, DC Master, Mac and Magic