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NMEA2000 is a system used for data exchange in a network with a bus structured backbone and a drop cable between the backbone and each device. This drop cable provides the device with power in most instances, and streams the data into the backbone making it available for all other NMEA2000 enabled devices to use.

Examples of marine electronic devices which may be included in a network are autopilot, wind instruments, Depth sounders, AIS (automatic identification system), chart plotters, navigation instruments, GPS, engine instruments, tank level indicators and fuel flow indicators.

Retrofitting of engine information systems (RPM, oil pressure, water temperature, exhaust temperature, alternator voltage, etc.) is one of our specialities. This will enable the display of all engine information on your NMEA2000 enabled display, chart plotter or computer.

There are also a large number of NMEA2000 sensors available. These sensors carry out their dedicated function and then place the data on the NMEA2000 bus. With these sensors on a network there is no longer need to have a dedicated display for each sensor, eg: depth sounder, wind instruments, fuel gauges and so on.

It is now possible to display this information on an NMEA2000 compatible multifunction display, an NMEA2000 compatible chart plotter or, with the correct software and interface, on a laptop or on board computer or a remote computer via the internet.
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