Alternators & Accessories

Please note advanced regulators are not suitable for some modern vehicles / boats with integrated engine management systems as they increase the alternator’s voltage and this can be interpreted by themanagement system as a fault on the  alternator. Please use an Alternator to battery charger or a battery to battery charger for these applications

The Problem with standard systems:
Standard alternators are not designed to be good battery chargers; they are designed only to charge an engine start battery
sufficiently to start the engine. Due to this inherent weakness, a more advanced regulator is required that, in effect, converts an alternator from a constant voltage battery charger to the latest 4-step progressive constant current battery charger
(see battery charger graphs). Because of this improvement in the alternator’s control system, these regulators dramatically enhance the alternator's charge rates by between 200-2000% depending on how poor the original system is.
The Sterling Regulator is designed to charge batteries as fast as possible and to their maximum capacity without damage to the batteries or alternators.

Alternators & Accessories

Sterling Battery Maintainer 12v-12v, 3 amp

(Ex £78.33)

Sterling ProReg DW (Waterproof). 12/24 Volt

(Ex £194.17)

Sterling ProReg BW (Waterproof).

(Ex £108.33)

Sterling Alternator Protection Device 12 volt.

(Ex £63.33)

Sterling Alternator Protection Device 24 Volt.

(Ex £63.33)

Sterling Remote control for PDAR, PDARR.

(Ex £140.00)