About Us

Paul and Yvonne Addington have been operating a Marine Electronics Consultancy since the Mid-1980s.  In the early days they specialised in the design and installation of Electronic Systems for small to medium sized yachts and motor cruisers. Operating in Australia and the far east.  Since returning to Europe and the UK in 1999 they formed a UK  partnership “Richborough Boat Consultants” which operated primarily in Europe and the UK.  “Richborough Boat Consultants” went online with their shop “eshoprbc” in 2004.
RBCShop.co.uk was established in 2011 as a fully online sales and consultancy business. Offering a recommended range of Marine and Recreational Vehicle Products, to a worldwide customer base. 
If you have a question about equipment or the installation of Marine or RV electrical and electronic systems, please email:  [email protected]