Sterling Power Electrical Latching Battery Isolation Switch. 24V, 640 Amp Inc. VAT

£311.00 £259.17 (ex. VAT)


24 volt, 640 amp continuous, 2400 amp 30 seconds, 6000 amp 5 seconds.  Lorry to 1000hp.

The battery powering the ELB does not have to be the battery that you wish to isolate.
D+ alternator ignition feed safety interlock circuit: If the latch position changes when the alternator is running damage can befall the engine/alternator. To prevent this, a signal
override system has been installed. This signal (D+/61/ ign feed) will prevent the
switch position changing.
Only when the signal has abated (engine turned off) will the latching relay switch.
Up to 50V for the latching circuit: The latching circuit is fine for voltage ratings up to 50V.

Continuous rating:   5 sec     30 sec     Starter rating         LWD mm     Weight Kg    Control Voltage     SKU
640A                     6000A     2400A   Lorry to 1000hp.     150x100x120       0.4            24                ELB24640
MPN ELB24640
Brand Sterling Power

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