ProsplitR 12v 180amp 3 output.

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PSR183.  12v 180 amp, 3 output.  0.0 volt drop, intelligent, digital, alternator power distribution system.  IP66 waterproof.
Distributes the most power to the battery bank which demands it.  Isolates a battery bank to prevent backfeeding.  Isolates full batteries.  Isolates alternator from all batteries in the event of alternator regulator failure.  LED display shows which cannels are in use.  Overload design.  Fail safe, in the event of unit failure alternator and engine start battery remain connected.
This product uses a micro processor to monitor the multiple battery bank outputs which are to be charged by an alternator; it ensures the batteries are all charged in conjunction with each other and prevents any back feed through the device in the event of high loads on one battery bank.The system also has the ability to disconnect the alternator and individual battery bank outputs in the case of problems caused by the alternator or other power items in the system. It does all  this and still offers only a max voltage drop of less that 0.01V, much less than any so called 0V drop mosfet / diode system. Many so called 0V drop systems simply do not come close, the Mastervolt battery mate is as high as 0.6V at full power (where it counts) while the Sterling is at 0.09V, a 500% performance improvement over the Mastervolt and about 1100% over a standard diode.
1) Distributes the most power to the battery bank which demands it.
2) Isolates a battery bank when there is any attempt to back  feed the power from the full battery bank to a more demanding battery system.
3) Isolates full batteries to ensure empty batteries can charge faster from a standard regulator maintaining the engine start battery requirements as paramount.
4) Isolates the main alternator from all the batteries in the event of a failure of the alternator’s own regulator. This prevents the batteries from boiling.
5) Isolates any battery bank which tries to back feed a high voltage from a different source. i.e. if there was a defective battery charger on one battery bank trying to back feed into another battery bank then the unit would disconnect that battery bank to save the others.
6) L.E.D. display shows which channels are in use and which are not.
7) Overload design, for example, our model rated for a 180A is actually continually rated for 240A with overload in excess of 2000A 
8) Fail-safe, in event of unit failure the engine start battery and alternator remain connected, ensuring the safe running of  the boat/vehicle. It prioritizes the engine start battery charging over all other battery bank outputs.
Brand Sterling Power

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