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Battery Switches, Remote Battery Switches, Charging Relays

Battery management is central to the safe operation of a boat or vehicle All boats and vehicles with an engine have at least one battery whose primary purpose is starting the engine and providing power for loads such as lights, pumps, and electronics. The safe switching between batteries, loads, and charge sources is achieved using products in this section:
1. Manual Battery Switches are commonly used on small boats or vehicles where the batteries are
located near the operator, allowing the high amperage switching and the control of the switch to
be the same location. On large boats or vehicles, battery switches may be mounted close to the
batteries to avoid long cable runs. This lack of operator access can create a dangerous situation
in the event of a fire in the engine room when the battery switch must be turned off.
2. Remote Battery Switches (RBS) are ideal when there is not an easily accessible location near the
batteries to mount the battery switch, requiring either a long cable run or a battery switch mounted in
a difficult to access location.
3. Low Voltage Disconnects (LVD) sense low battery voltage and disconnects non-critical loads to
save power for engine starting.
4. Automatic Charging Relays (ACR) automatically combine two battery banks during charging and
isolates batteries when discharging and optionally when starting the engine.