Battery Chemistry Module

The Battery Chemistry Module (BCM) is a retro fit device designed to be installed on the output of a current limiting multi output battery charger to allow the battery charger to have independent chemistry selection on each output .
More and more so, individuals are having different battery styles/chemistry and different voltage scales (12V and/or 24V) all within their DC system. Due to this quagmire, the BCM is the solution to allow one battery charger to charge different battery chemistries at different voltage scales and at their correct charging profile. So, the BCM can essentially turn a very simple battery charger into a multi output, multi chemistry advanced battery charger with other inherent advantages.

Ideal set up would be a 12V AGM house bank and a 24V deep cycle bow thruster bank. From one charger you
can charge both banks at their correct voltage scale and correct charging profile .

A common problem that the BCM solves.  Typically people have a mix of battery types in their system. A 12V AGM house bank and a flooded 24V bank for the bow thrusters.
These batteries ideally want to be charged at different profiles. With a conventional charger this is not possible as you are fixed to 12V at an AGM setting. The BCM allows the user to charge at a flooded lead acid profile at 24V, while maintaining the charging profile for the starting battery at 12V. There are numerous combinations.