Automatic AC power selector

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Sterling Power automatic AC power selector, change over switch.
AC32A.  3 input, 32 amp.  110/230 volt AC  autoselector with remote control.
40 amp internal switch switches live and neutral with a 0.25 second time delay to prevent voltage doubling and damage to equipment.
Multiple internal power sources.  Sequential switching.  Remote control.  Faults and reverse polarity check.  Internal fuses.
The Sterling Automatic AC Crossover Switch is a three-stage sequential switch which will automatically switch
the AC power sources on board. It will ensure that only one AC power source will be on your boat’s ring mains
at any one time, thereby protecting your electrical equipment from possible damage.
The complexity of the system is masked by its easy installation and fully automatic operation. Basically, the unit
is a three-stage sequential switch with the channel marked “shore power” as the priority selection. The channel
marked “generator” is second, and the channel marked “inverter” is third. This default setting works on the
assumption that the boat has shore power, a generator and an inverter. However, some boats may have 2
generators and no inverters, in which case you can simply use the inverter port as another generator port etc. In
fact, you can mix and match as you wish. There are a few things which are unique to each channel but these do
not affect the channels from being used for an input source other than the default.
It is important to stress that this system operates by itself in fully automatic mode and requires no human
intervention. However, for more complicated systems, the Sterling Automatic AC Crossover Switch offers many
additional and sophisticated features.
Brand Sterling Power

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