Alternator to battery chargers

Charge your batteries over 5 times faster.  Input 50% extra power from your alternator, can be used with 2 alternators.
This is a 100% unique product not available anywhere else in the world.  Totally designed and conceived by Sterling in order to overcome all problems now experienced and anticipated in the future with standard advanced alternator regulators.
Charge your batteries over 5 times faster, input 50% extra power plus de-sulphate the batteries and make them last longer.
Can be used with 2 alternators.  Available in 12 volt 80, 130, 160, 210, 300, 400, amp. 24 volt 80, 100, 200 amp models.
How it works:
In theory, it is very simple. With an advanced regulator which connects to the alternator’s  regulator, we override the standard alternator regulator and we push the alternator’s voltage up to increase the voltage at the batteries.  This results in a massive charge improvement at the batteries.
With the alternator to battery charger we do the reverse. We put a load on the alternator to pull the alternator voltage down. This fools the alternator into thinking that there is a major drain on the system and as such the standard regulator works at full current. However, the voltage is  pulled down to a totally useless voltage for charging batteries. So, the new system takes in this high current, but low voltage, and amplifies the voltage to charge the auxiliary battery bank at a much higher voltage than the base system voltage. In order to achieve the fast battery charging, the software control program and settings for this product are the same as for our digital battery
chargers and our digital advanced alternator regulators.

When would I use an alternator to battery charger over an advanced alternator regulator?
1) If you are a boat builder or vehicle builder and labour costs are a critical issue, then this unit wins hands down. It requires only one extra wire (a negative) to the unit, the other power cables will already be standard. The only wires required for this unit are the alternator in and domestic + engine battery out.
2)If you are worried about the time and effort that it takes to fit an advanced regulator, then this unit will win. If you already have a split charger diode installed then the fitting for this unit will be about 15 minutes.
3) If you have a voltage sensitive base platform ( i.e. a car or van with an E.C.U. with high voltage alarms ) then this is a must.
4) If you have warranty issues with a new engine, then this unit simply does not touch the
alternator, as a result there is no warranty conflict.
5) If you are worried about finding a competent electrician abroad, or concerned about the fitting costs of an advanced regulator, then this is the solution.