Alternator to battery charger 12v 130 amp. Incl. VAT.

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AB12130.  Maximum alternator output, 130 amps. 
This product incorporates a split charge system to charge 2 battery banks.  However on the domestic bank channel there is a unique voltage amplifier, ensuring the alternator works at it's maximum output.
The Alternator to Battery charger (A2B) connects very simply to an existing alternator(s) and provides extremely fast and effective charge to the domestic/house bank (5+ times faster than a stand alone alternator). The A2B achieves this performance by pulling down the voltage on the alternator by putting a ‘load’ on it. This low voltage (at high current) is amplified to a 4 stage charging profile at the domestic bank. Due to the A2B’s internal splitting system there is the option to charge the starter battery too. The starter does not get advanced charging, it simply gets a sufficient maintenance charge.
Quick and Easy Installation. This charger is effective, simple and fast to install. It transforms the output of the alternator into a sophisticated multistage charger resulting in faster and more complete charging of your house / domestic battery bank.
Multiple alternator inputs.  Numerous alternators can be fed to the input of the charger provided the total current rating does not exceed the charger’s rating.  E.g. 400A charger can handle 4 x 100A alternators.
No alternator modification required. The charger is fitted between the alternator and battery(s) and, unlike conventional regulators, requires no modification or interference with the alternator whatsoever. This saves on time and bypasses any engine management systems (ECU) or warranty issues.
Over 5 times faster charging. This charger optimizes the available output of the alternator and converts it to mimic that of a mains driven 4 stage battery charger. Consequently your batteries will charge faster resulting in less engine hours and a reduction in fuel used. This charger can therefore, pay for itself within a matter of weeks.
Not suitable for any modern European vehicle or any
vehicle equipped with an advanced ECU. For suitable
products - look to the range of Regenerative Braking
Friendly devices – the Battery to Battery Charger.
MPN AB12130
Brand Sterling Power

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